Welcome to Miller Crossing Dental Clinic.

Our Current Updates
Miller Crossing Dental is excited to announce that we are EXPANDING! The office will be CLOSED from July 25, 2014 until September 7, 2014.  Tentative opening date will be September 8 2014 .

Our Londonderry clinic located at 13419 Fort Road will be open to all patients during Miller Crossing Dentals' expansion renovations. After August 28 2014, the Londonderry location will be permanently closed.

In order to complete our new clinic - *Londonderry & Miller Crossing locations will BOTH be closed from August  28  2014 - Sept 7 2014. If you have a dental emergency during this time please contact:

Highlands Dental

Suite 230-8930 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5H 4E9
(780) 424-3965

Call 780-757-5100 to book today

We look forward to taking care of you.